From delicate wax, tinting and threading treatments, to intricate lash and nail enhancements – our expert beauticians can do it all for you under the one roof.

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Our facials are perfect for whatever your needs are. From destressing facials to cleansing facials, aromatherapy facials to anti-aging facials.

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Our variety of specialist massage treatments make us your go-to place in Carrickfergus for ultimate relaxation and restoration.

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Eve Taylor

Eve Taylor is the natural choice for beautiful skin. The ORIGINAL aromatherapy skin care for over 55 years!

We have products to treat all ages, skin types and skin conditions.

This skin care range is professional, affordable, aromatherapy trusted & vegan friendly!

Your fully trained therapist can give you an in depth skin consultation to provide the best treatment and aftercare.

A skincare routine should ideally be started in your teens to early 20s, however it’s never to late to start.

Once you establish your routine it gets easier to maintain, start simple.

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Reflexology can help with

Anxiety, stress related conditions and depression
Sleep Disorders
Digestive disorders like IBS and constipation
Pain Management
Immune system
Energy levels
Nerve function
Endocrine disorders like thyroid and adrenal deficiency & diabetes
Promotes healing
Facilitates emotional release


Reflexology is a holistic therapy that promotes deep relaxation and wellbeing. When we are stressed or ill, vital energy pathways become blocked and Reflexology will help bring back balance to all body functions. It is suitable for all ages and tailored to suit each client.

Maternity reflexology is aimed specifically at women during pre-conception, pregnancy and labour. It will support your body through pregnancy and ease ailments like morning sickness, headaches, fatigue, constipation, heartburn, pain, swelling and disturbed sleep. Induction routines can be used from week 37 to help prepare your body for birthing.

Postnatal reflexology will help guide you through that exhausting period of conflicting emotions, breastfeeding, frustration and fatigue. It will promote healing, help with recovery, balance hormones and help with postnatal depression.

Fertility Reflexology can be used to help enhance natural fertility in both men and women.
It will improve out of sync cycles, quality of sperm, remove blockages you are unaware of and of course relieve stress caused by your fertility journey.

Reflexology for Women’s Health will help with cycles, hormonal imbalance and problems like PCOS, menopause, PMT & Endometriosis.

Cancer Care and Palliative “Adaptive” Reflexology will support clients living with cancer, who are undergoing various medical interventions, surgery and palliative care to bring balance to the physical body and facilitate emotional ease.

Kids Reflexology is gentle and nurturing, from birth, it can aid digestion, constipation, teething, sleep patterns and strengthening the immune system. For older kids, it is great for stress, anxiety, emotional problems and even balancing hormones during puberty.

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Our treatment facilities

We offer a welcoming and relaxing environment with both our upstairs multi therapy room for group bookings and our downstairs space for individual bookings.

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